Xenoblade Chronicles X Postgame Guide

This guide focuses on the postgame aspects of the game. Therefore, it may contain spoilers of locations and enemy names, but no plot.

Ares 90 requisites

The end goal of this guide will be to make an "Ares 90", and when you are done, you'll be all set to tackle harder bosses with it, and grind towards a better custom lvl60 Skell

Getting to level 60

Less than 30

For completeness's sake, given that it's not post game if you are lower than level 30... you can level up by merely exploring and planting probes, or Scout Recruiting a higher level and then grinding enemies 10 levels higher.

30-47(or so)

Cauldros level 30 grinding spot

Armed with a level 30 Skell (preferably all your party), head to Cauldros FN506. Here the focus will be the Petramands. If they are too hard for you, you can head back to grind Caros (The "lions") or abuse the Skell stomping mechanics, with Blattas (little bugs) or any Ganglion foot soldier, which allow you to damage small critters by stepping them with your Skell. Even if you kill them like that, they still give Exp.

Level 46 Terbium Petramand

To 60

Noctilum level 50 grinding spot

Head to northern Noctilum, and farm the level 60 Hunter Dilus (They are partially under water, and look like crocodiles).

Level 60 Hunter Dilus

Getting 130k+ revenue per tick

Like the next layout, this is intended to be able to used at the same time as this one, for ultimate endgame income.

130,000 revenue layout in Oblivia

Circled in yellow, is just optional, but still a good area. But red is mandatory.

To get revenue, you need to discover all the "Sightseeing Spots"

Getting 100k Miranium Storage

100,000 Miranium storage in Noctilum

Like the previous layout, this is intended to be able to used at the same time as this one, for ultimate endgame income.

However, this one just narrowly manages it (105k storage), and through the use of all 10 storage probes. If you use the duplicator from the income layout, you can reach the 100k target for less.

Farming gear

Elma wearing full C&C treasure sensor armor

With Miranium to spare and your party in level 60, equip them any maxed Candid & Credible level 55 armor set, which has the "Treasure Sensor" augment integrated. With 3 party members, it's enough, leaving you free to wear whatever you want. This will have a very noticeable improvement in your farming: Most of your loots will be gold, with higher chances of getting intergalactic drops.

With that said... now we have to exploit that as we'll be going after intergalactic Skell weapons in the wild. We will be looking to get:

Phoenix and Buster level 50 intergalactic Skell weapons

The Phoenix is a multiple hit AoE, and the Buster is a single hit heavy hitter. With the Phoenix, you can clear most mob groups lower than level 50, and the Buster handles tougher enemies. The Buster can also stagger, setting them up for a Bind.

Farming Gear location

Head to Sylvalum's FN406, just north you'll find a pair of Pugiliths with a group of Puges. This are the mobs you want to clear. To respawn them, you can Fast Travel back to the FN site, or exit your Skell and use Menu>Party>Return to Skell.

Farming Gear location

West of this group lies a Ganglion base with 2 larger enemies. Among all this drops is a shield with a Gravity art. It deals high damage and staggers, and it has a cheap fuel cost. It's not the most important piece of gear, but if you can also get it, try equipping it.

Farming Ares 90 materials

Now we need to make use of the easiness that Online provides us through Reward Tickets

Ares 90 requisites
QuantityTicket price each
Golden Yggralith Heart2636
Silver Vita Core4210
Crude Neilnail Mask12210
Seidr Control Device8138
Advanced Core12138
Upgraded Lens1658
Cimmerian Cinnabar2N/A

Materials in red are hard to get, try to farm "Reward Tickets" to buy them instead. The Heart drops from a lvl97 boss or the hardest Global Nemesis. And the Vita Core from the hardest timed boss battle. That's how hard they are to get.

Materials in yellow are a bit hard to get. Crude Neilnail Mask comes from the Dolls timed boss mission. It's ground only, so you'll need good ground gear. You can solo it with an infinite Overdrive Photon Saber build, but even with Treasure Sensors it can be hard to get the drops for some people. But when it drops, it drops in pairs.

Materials in green are easy to get. Try not to spend Reward Tickets on them.

Cimmerian Cinnabar is obtained from FrontierNav Mining. Be sure to set a mining probe somewhere where it can be mined (like FN 217).

Upgraded Lens and Seidr Control Device drop from the Seidrs in the airspace of Cauldros.

Advanced Core can be obtained from any Xe-dom, the easiest of which would be Molybdenum Xe-dom by Sylvalum's FN 401.

Reward Ticket Farming

To farm reward tickets, go to the Blade Scout console, and search for Scouts level 1-9. Grab 3, and take them to the Dilus grinding location. Grind until their Scout level is maxed, release them, and repeat. This will get you Blade medals.

With Blade medals, wait until the Global Nemesis Telethia Plume is available. When it is, take it's mission, which will cost you 1 Blade medal, and once inside, only focus on breaking it's parts (Wings, tail, and plumes). Each appendage crushed will drop a part, which in the Network console you can exchange for even more tickets. Use this tickets to buy the materials you are missing

After you have the Ares 90, Yggralith Zero is prefferred. You can get between 700 to 1000 tickets with it.

Best Farming Spots by Material

  • Adsecula Oil Drop: Oblivia NE318 (East Ibra Ravine) - Bertrand, the Gorge Scourge and Ghost Adsecula
  • Black Fog Deposits: Primordia Fly FN111SW on Talon Rock (Drop Shaft) - Carmine Vesper
  • Blinding Lophid Extract: Primordia 109(Ocean)- Ridill, the Arrogant and Ocean Lophids (Break their antennae thingy)
  • Fleecy Fur: Primordia 119 - Domestic Armored Suid, in general, look for any pack of suids, like the ones Ganglions use to have in some of their bases.
  • Mollusk Mucus: Cauldros 503(White Phosphor Lake)
  • Qmoevan Capacitor: Sylvalum 404NE - (You need to be on foot to target the appendages in its shoulder)
  • Slimy Epithelium: Sylvalum 402 - Andrea, the Famished Hunter and its pack.

What's next?

With your Ares 90, Treasure Sensor gear, and knowledge of how to easily get reward tickets, you are all set to fill your party with Ares skells, or...
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